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Tom Cobett has over 45 years of experience within the Primary Metals Industries. As an R&D specialist, Tom has worked closely with major companies who produce or process metals, helping them to solve metallurgical and cost problems. He has developed several unique products and processes resulting in both US and European Patents.

Along the way, Tom has developed extensive experiences with clay bonded Green Sand and Sodium Silicate bonded sand for foundry molds and cores. Tom has helped many companies understand how to get the best performance from Green Sand systems and Sodium Silicate binder systems. He ranks as one of the most experienced developers of binders based on Sodium Silicate Technology.

Tom has worked for a Copper Base Foundry, an Aluminum Foundry, an Iron Foundry, a Steel Foundry, an Investment Casting Stainless Steel Foundry, Foundry Supply companies, a Teaching Foundry and a Metals Recycling company. In addition to his R&D activities, Tom has over 20 years of experience teaching Metal Casting, Metallurgy and Materials Science courses at the university level.

He is a graduate of Kent State University, with a B.S. Ed. in Industrial Education. He serves as an Adjunct Faculty member for the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology at Kent State University. For the past 8 years, Tom has been a minority owner of Trumbull Metal Specialties, an Iron and Steel Foundry in Niles, OH, using 100% Nobake Molding and Core Making.

Tom Cobett is a former Board President of the Foundry Educational Foundation and a recipient of an FEF Scholarship while he was in college. He has received The E.J. Walsh Award, FEF's highest honor. He continues to serve the FEF as a member of the College - Industry Conference Planning Committee. 

He is a proud inventor of the world famous "Foundry in a Box" based on using Microwave energy to melt metal, which is then poured into non-toxic sand molds. For his development of the Foundry in a Box concept, Tom received the AFS Jack Steele Award for Marketing Excellence.

Tom teaches Nobake Molding and Core Making, Greensand Molding, and the Analysis and Reduction of Casting Defects courses for the Cast Metals Institute and is a frequent speaker at American Foundry Society Chapter meetings.

ARE YOU AN ARTIST? Tom has helped many accomplished sculptors get their work cast at industrial foundries. By utilizing the best available technology, casting costs can be kept to a minimum. Production times can be reduced substantially. Contact Tom to see a portfolio of the work he has facilitated.

Tom can cast just about anything!

Call my cell phone: (260) 341-2258


In addition to his Metal Industry activities, Tom and his Wife Jan are accomplished Amateur Winemakers and Wine Educators. As Life Members of the American Wine Society, they often speak to groups about the different grape varietals and the styles of wine made throughout the world.

Since 2009, they have managed the Wine Education Tent at the Vintage Ohio event held annually by the Ohio Wine Producers.

Their winemaking efforts have earned them numerous "Best of Show" and Gold Medal awards.